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Season Tickets

Well with the close of the 2006 season, (congrats to the Cardinals and their fans by the way) its time to turn your eyes to next season. Traditionally the earlier you buy your tickets, the better, both in terms of the seats available to you and of course their prices. Virtually every MLB team offers some sort of discounted price if you buy season tickets. While the different season ticket plans can be quite expensive, you might consider splitting the costs with other fans you know. Also, many teams offer half season ticket plans or even partial season plans. These can be a great bargain and often times even allow you priority when it comes time to buy tickets for the post season. You’re probably saying tickets don’t go on sale for ages, but the sooner you sit down and figure out which type of plan best fits you, the sooner you can start to look for someone to share a ticket plan with. If your team sells out most of its games, time will be critical when ordering.